The Digital Economics team is made up of researchers from the department of Economics and Management at the University Paris-Sud/Paris-Saclay and it addresses questions related to the Internet and the digital economy more broadly. This field of research is indeed evolving very quickly, and new topics emerge regularly. Our current research focuses on two main topics:

The studies developed on these topics are generally empirically oriented and rely on econometric analysis(an econometric analysis/econometric analyses) of existing datasets or constructed datasets during field or lab experiments. The members of the team have developed strong competences especially in field experiments. This is a very relevant methodology to address questions relative to online privacy, pro-social or pro-environmental decisions and behaviors. In these contexts, people’s real behaviors and decisions tend to be substantially different from what they claim, especially in declarative surveys. Our studies seek both to identify firms and people’s real behaviors as well as ways and incentives to change them in order to enhance pro-social, pro-environmental or pro-privacy behaviors.